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Download the film:

Download Link IconAlarming Truth .mp4 file – 57 MB

Directions: Visit the Vimeo page and select the download button. There are several options.  For issues with the download, please contact Amy Guthrie.

A closed-caption version of the film or transcript file can be sent upon request. We recommend using the YouTube version if you need closed-captions and have internet access, since they are already included in that version.

The Alarming Truth Screening Guide

This screening guide provides suggestions on how to use The Alarming Truth as a tool to teach fire safety to college-level students, especially those living or moving off campus. The guide includes a complete lesson plan that you can run as is, or you can draw from particular activities, resources and discussion questions in order to develop a program that will accommodate the needs of your institution.

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Alarming Truth Screening Guide file

Alarming Truth Screening Guide – Plain-text file

Directions: Right-click on the link above and choose “Save link as…”  For issues with the download, please contact Amy Guthrie.