Meet the Film Crew

From Rowan University Department of Radio, Television & Film:


(Left to Right)
Matthew Wood (Writer, Audio)
Lauren Stroz (Producer)
Eric A. Cheavers (Camera, Editor, Photography)
Colin Rooney (Camera, Editor)
Tom Frenchu (Director, Writer)


About the Crew:

Lauren Stroz – Producer

Double major –  Communication Studies & Radio/Television/Film
Previous work at Rowan as Producer of PACT5 documentary
Former Intern at MTV – NY, NY. Spring 2014

“The Alarming Truth brings attention to an issue that college students overlook much too often.  No one expects to experience a fire, but when it happens to you it can quickly become deadly.  I hope that The Alarming Truth will help college students see the severity of these situations and give them information to take preventative measures in their own homes and apartments.”

A message from Lauren about her experience working on the film:

Tom Frenchu – Director, Writer

Tom Frenchu
“Having previous experience in directing both fictional and non-fictional films, I’ve come to understand exactly how the shot management differs mid-production. The Alarming Truth is a Docudrama, which makes it more intensive to shoot, but also much more exciting. I believe this element has added suspense and realism, along with an interesting point of view for the audience.”


Eric A. Cheavers – Camera, Editor, Photography

Eric Head shot
Eric’s dedicated work ethic has earned him a position on two national documentary projects– PACT5 and Alarming Truth. He aspires to work in Sport Television/ Documentary for the Olympics as a Photographer/Editor. Recently, he was honored recipient of the Communications Internship Award for Students of Color on behalf of the Association ofCommunicators in Education (CUPRAP). Holding Summa Cum Laude, 3.86 GPA, Eric has excelled with excellence as a graduating senior.